The Fitness Team

Abi Nicholson

My passion for fitness developed at school where I participated in athletics, football, netball and rounders. I excelled in athletics and I also competed in distance events. 

I’ve been an instructor at SnowDome Fitness for 8 years now and I love working with my clients to help them achieve what they thought was impossible at the start of our journey
together. My clients have had a variety of goals such as improving fitness, weight loss, tone up, bulk up and that’s exactly what we do… together.

I am committed to every person I meet in the gym who wants my help to improve their health, lifestyle and physical image. If you guarantee you’ll give me 100%, so will I. My experience as an athlete in conjunction with 11 years of fitness knowledge has been instrumental in enabling me to design effective training and nutritional plans for my clients that really get results. I have a real passion for fitness and being able to congratulate my clients when they achieve their goals is why I love my job so much!

Amy Griffin

I’ve been a member at SnowDome Fitness for the past 6 years, and like most people I was intimidated by the gym at the start of my journey. I had no confidence and wouldn’t step out of my comfort zone.

I started attending a few fitness classes and became familiar with the trainers and other members. After having my son I bit the bullet and really threw myself in to the classes. The trainers really pushed me and helped me achieve my goals which were weight loss and gaining confidence.

Exercise became my life my passion, so I decided to become a qualified personal trainer so I could share my experiences with those who are in the same position I once was.

With the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years, I can relate to people, and it’s in my best interest to find out what you enjoy doing, so exercise can become a way of life, not just for a short period of time.

I may be petite but I will push you out of your comfort zone! If I say 12 reps, I will push you to 15, because if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. I will support and encourage you through the highs and lows in your journey, and will be with you 110% pushing you to your goals.

Connor Goldingay

Ever since I can remember I have always been involved in sport and exercise, I have played a wide variety of different sports at all different levels including football, rugby, badminton, boxing, athletics and cross country.

Eventually I began weight training and after a short time fell in love with everything to do with the fitness and nutrition world. This led me to complete my level 2 fitness instructor and then level 3 personal training courses. My next target is to complete my level 4 in strength and conditioning to further my fitness knowledge. Having been in the fitness industry for 2 years, working in a few different environments along the way, I have worked alongside a variety of different people from whom I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and knowhow from.

As a trainer I believe you get out what you put in, if you don't give me 100% then you won't get 100% of the results. I feel one of the most important aspects of my job is to keep you motivated by keeping the training that we do as fun for you as possible.

The most important aspect though is working closely to make sure that you understand and enjoy your diet. That is where most people fail because they struggle to cut out the bad foods that they enjoy. I'll make it my responsibility as your trainer to help you break these bad habits and introduce new sustainable ones. The main areas of training that I cover are weight loss, toning, muscle building, strength training and pad work.


Jessica Swarbreck

I enjoy most sports and love learning new ways to train my body.  In particular, I enjoy playing lacrosse which I have continued to play through school and university and now play for the Birmingham Lacrosse Club.  As well as working out in the gym, I love swimming, cycling and enjoy participating in triathlons. 

I'm also a keen skier, so when I’m not working in the gym, I teach skiing here at the SnowDome.  My interest in fitness is equalled, if not exceeded, by my interest in nutrition and I am currently studying for a degree in nutritional therapy. I embarked on this course after experiencing staggering improvements in my physical and mental health through exercise and nutrition.  I am always happy to talk about nutrition, and love my job helping people to improve their own health and fitness. 

I am encouraging, focused and will work with you towards your goals. If you choose to work with me long term, I will strive to understand your strengths and weaknesses, what you enjoy and what motivates you. 

Central to my style of personal training is identifying areas of weakness through posture assessment and fitness testing… using this to design a long term program for you.  Once you've started your training program I’ll work with you to keep it fun and challenging, but I won’t let you make any excuses.  I believe in the importance of teamwork and hard work, so I'll do my bit if you do yours!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing you reach your goals!  

Paul Fulleylove

I have been involved in sport and exercise for many years now and have stayed dedicated to my sport of kickboxing for around 16-18 years. I feel as if in a short time my confidence has soared. I have also been able to establish my own kickboxing club and am currently completing my level 3 qualification in Personal Training.

I successfully completed my BSc (hons) degree in Sports Therapy at university, this course was very beneficial in enhancing my knowledge surrounding sport and exercise science, however after great consideration I had a change of heart and wanted to focus more on the training and fitness side to things... and I haven't looked back since!

Through the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years, I am committed to helping others achieve their goals. I think it is essential that you build up a rapport with your clients, so that they feel confident with my advice and service.

I feel it is vital that you make the training sessions fun and varied... which will help keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey. I believe that anything is possible, if you are willing to work hard and stay positive. When training with me any obstacles or barriers can be dealt with along your journey through support, goal setting and monitoring strategies.

John Harris

Throughout my life I have always exercised or trained in one way or another. I played rugby and football for primary school. I also played rugby at secondary school, even earning a place in the Harlequins U17 academy. I played rugby at university but began my love affair with weight training there as well. While I have not been able to keep up the rugby due to work schedules, I have maintained my desire to keep my body in the best possible shape.

I love helping people whenever and wherever possible, so if you see me and you have something to ask, please, stop me. I love hearing about people's experiences as, despite my science background, practical applications are far more interesting and rewarding to learn of.

I also firmly believe in the old saying “It is a shame for anyone to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable”.

I will take the time to get to know you as an individual, learn of your strengths and weaknesses via practical assessment of posture, lifting technique, fitness assessments, etc. Through that, I can give you the best possible bespoke workout.

If you want to get stronger, I'll make you stronger. If you want to get bigger, I'll make you bigger. If you want to get skinnier/more toned, I'll make it happen. If you want to get sports specific/event specific, I'll get you there. There is nothing that you, I and science can't accomplish!

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