The Tamlands FA Cup

Tamlands is stoked to present a special Saturday night shindig... The Tamlands FA Cup!
Join the Tamlands crew for a one off freestyle jam SATURDAY night special on Saturday 27th May... complete with an epic park setup AND… win some epic prizes as we give out over £500 in CASH… so, what do you need to do to win?

The Tamlands FA (Freestyle Association) is going to be a knockout-style trick off following the real FA Cup style. Turn up for registration between 7.30pm - 8pm, as we'll be drawing the match ups live on the night... bingo machine and all!
Entrants taking part will battle it out on randomly selected features to impress our judges and make their way to the grand final!
The Tamlands FA Cup will follow a casual jam format, all ages and freestyle abilities welcome! Hosted by the one and only Sean Miller. If you don't wish to take part in the knock out competition you are more than welcome to enjoy the park night and cheer on those involved!

Saturday 27th May, registration 7.30pm-8pm, start

Adults £39 (£25 members)
Juniors £29 (£20 members)

It's set to be a super busy night so make sure you pre-book by selecting the Tamlands session on Saturday 27th May, you can book online or by calling 03448 000011.

It’s going to be a classic SnowDome night, so be there!

And don't forget, the Tamlands freestyle night continues every Tuesday throughout the year.
Posted: 03/05/2017
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